✔ N.B. COVID-19 information

Breakfast, lunch and dinner do not include a buffet service, everything will be served directly at the table.
(this does not mean less choice or abundance, everything will be as before, you can always enjoy our home made preparations, simply you will no longer have to get up to take your dishes, just ask the waiter who will serve you in peace).

Restaurant service is possible because each table will have the right distance from each other, fewer tables to offer maximum comfort and maximum safety to all our guests.

The rooms will be sanitized and cleaned according to the dictated methods, compliant products will be used and indicated by the security protocol.

Each room requires the use of disposable sanitizing sponges and wipes, curtains, cushions, remote controls, clothes hangers and everything that involves human contact will be sanitized and sanitized at each room change, so that the environment is risk free.
Sheets, towels and blankets will be washed with the use of special detergents that can make everything safe.

Yours and our safety come before any profits or earnings, because the holiday must first of all be safe and worry-free, we want to make your stay covid-proof.

On the beach it is very likely that there will be no entertainment and perhaps it will not be possible to use the swimming pool or other common services.

Entrance and exit routes are provided inside the hotel, the common areas will not be shared except for the passage only.
Access to the hotel bar will be available in turn and can only be shared by family members.
Even in the outdoor terrace the presence of tables will be reduced so that we can offer the right distance from each other.

Columns with hand sanitizing gel will be available inside the hotel.
The use of the mask (for travel within the hotel) is mandatory for everyone.

These conditions are dictated by the current protocol in use.
Except for new regulations given by the region.

Some services and areas inside and outside the hotel may not be available.

Our staff is trained and equipped with all personal protection devices, it will not be possible for the guest to communicate with the staff responsible for the renovation of the rooms.
All requests must be handled through the reception.


New Cancellation Policy: Covid 19.
N.B. no deposit is required to confirm your stay.

✔ Within seven days of arrival, you will be contacted and if the booking is confirmed by you, you will be asked for a small deposit.